best drinking game for 2 people

15 Best Drinking Games for Zoom (2021) - TechCult- best drinking game for 2 people ,16/2/2021· 15 Best Drinking Games for Zoom. 1. Water. This a simple and fun game to play with your friends. All that you need is two shot glasses, one filled with water and the other with any clear alcohol like vodka, gin, tonic, tequila, etc. Now when your turn comes, you need to pick a glass (either water or alcohol) and drink it.Top 10 Best Fun Drinking Games For 2 People Or More3/4/2020· 6 people (at least) to make 2 teams Flickr image by Bryan Bowden 7. Cheat This is commonly known as Cheat in the UK or Bull Shit in the US. The drinking game version of cheat is exactly the same as the betting one, but you drink instead of losing money ...

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What are your best drinking games for just you and one other person? I wish i had finished this article before you asked but here. I compiled a short list to my favourite 2 person drinking games and links to expanded rules of each one.

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